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You Can Train Your Brain At Home With Neurofeedback

I could not have imagined 10 years ago, being able to offer some technology, a methodology that would transform your brain, in a way that your whole life could change in a matter of months. Not in some superficial way, not with medication or being attached to a therapist for the rest of your life. But in a way, where your brain changes the organic structure of your brain.

Hi, I’m Dr. Randy Cale, I’m a licensed psychologist and owner of Capital District Neurofeedback. The technology that I’m talking about is neurofeedback, and today specifically, I’m talking about home training using neurofeedback equipment in your home. Well, neurofeedback has been around for decades, and the research on the efficacy or success rates continues to improve year by year. There are several for that, including changes in technology, the capacity to do a QEEG or map of the brain, and innovations in how we can apply that technology toward change.

The Availability and Comfort of Neurofeedback at Home.

But the bottom line is: while neurofeedback was delivered in large clinical settings for decades, it was very difficult to get any sort of valuable or useful technology at home. We now have the capacity to give you equipment that will transform the underlying structure of your brainwave patterns. So, it probably doesn’t surprise you if you have anxiety, if you have depression if you’re you your child has an attention deficit disorder, if you’ve had a head injury, any sort of brain disorder that when we look at that there are variations in brain weight patterns that are outside the norm, and if we can get those brainwave patterns to come closer to the norm, we function better depending on where it’s located, and what’s going on in the brain, that might be an anxiety relief, it may be a lightening mood, it may be a better ability to focus sleep improves.

Now, almost all of this can be done in your home, where every day, when you train or as often as you train, your results are reviewed. In my office, I go over how you perform, and make adjustments to the training, and it’s as if you were here in the office training. So, when I said 10 years ago, I couldn’t imagine it it’s true, these innovations and technology have made it so that we can now offer this training at home, monitor the training, provide feedback, make adjustments, and the beauty is, it’s more, it’s cost-effective because you don’t have a tech who’s managing it all, and secondly you can train more often than you can practically train coming to an office because you could train four, five, six, seven days a week on certain protocols, and therefore, get results more rapidly.

Bring Neurofeedback Into Your Home.

So, if you’re interested in more information on how this technology works, how you might bring it into your home, and any general questions about neurofeedback, please reach out Our contact information is located on the page here but just in case it’s (518) 606-3805. Jennifer is my assistant, she’ll set up a free call. So, alrighty, I hope to hear from you and again reach out if you have questions. take care now.

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