About Capital District Neurofeedback

Our goal is to provide state of the art Neuromapping (QEEG), and then bring about positive transformation in the brain with intensive Neurofeedback training. At Capital District Neurofeedback (CDN), we do this by providing an integrative set of services, with not only Neuromapping of the brain and Neurofeedback, but also by providing you with supportive therapeutic services to ensure that your treatment goals are obtained.

These therapeutic support services are designed to maximize the benefit of re-training a brain to work at its best, using Neurofeedback. We do this incorporating a Bio-Psycho-Social model of mental health, which acknowledges the impact of multiple variables on how we function day to day. It looks like this:

Bio-psycho-social Model of Health

The bio-psycho-social model acknowledges that our mental health is a function of many variables, that weave together in a complex form to impact our mental health. Thus, how we sleep, what we eat, what trauma or stress we experience, our personalities and temperaments…they all come together to shape how our brain functions.

Neurofeedback provides a profoundly powerful methodology to overcome the influences of many of these factors, putting you/your child in a position to have a healthier brain, that feels better and performs better.

bio-psycho-social model of health capital district neurofeedback dr cale

When approaching your Neurofeedback training in this way, we are always keeping in mind these additional important factors that you can adjust to ensure your Neurofeedback training gets results.

State of the Art Technology

We work with EEG software and hardware that is continually updated and refined daily with protocol adjustments based upon thousands of contributing clinicians and researchers. Each protocol is individually selected based upon the results obtained from the mapping process. The EEG training is then monitored carefully with each session, and adjustments made based upon progress made.

While many approaches to neurofeedback exist, none offer the extensive data base we use to support the protocols and decisions for Neurofeedback training.

Help to Change Brains of All Ages

Prior to Neurofeedback, there were many conditions that were resistant to treatment. The psychological treatments were hit and miss, and medications were a nightmare at times.

As an example, it was difficult to offer services to children with ADHD and make strong claims of effectiveness. Individual child therapy was often unsuccessful in helping kids focus or behave better, and medication came with many negative side effects. This was true for many other child or adolescent issues. However, with the refinements in neurofeedback training, real change is available for many categories of childhood struggles. This includes anxiety disorders, ADHD, autism, selective mutism, and learning disorders.

For adults, the outlook is equally positive. We can conclude safely that, regardless of the ages, we all have a very neuro-plastic brain! This means your brain is much more flexible and open to growth and change…if we give it the right information. Substantial improvements are possible for a wide array of psychological issues, ranging from anxiety, OCD, depression, memory loss, low motivation, poor performance, brain injuries and more. Even patients with Alzheimer’s have memory improvement with neurofeedback training!

Thus, this technology truly can help brains of all ages!

Complete Mapping, Reporting and Feedback

We only provide Neurofeedback training that is driven by the data obtained from the mapping process. A full QEEG report is generated, and reviewed with every client, and only then is a treatment plan is created.

The map (QEEG) provides the direction of the training more so than any other factor. Thus, it is essential to complete this process before progressing to treatment. The mapping is done with children, adolescents and adults.

About Dr. Randy Cale

dr randy cale phd licensed psychologist founder owner capital district neurofeedback new york

Dr. Cale is a licensed psychologist in the State of New York. He has a private practice working with individuals and families on a wide array of behavioral and psychological issues. His passion for learning and growth, combined with his extensive experience in working with challenging situations, has allowed him to distill and utilize the essential principles behind behavior change. However, over the years it became clear that more was needed as the best psychological tools, as well as medications, were inadequate for many children and adults. Thus, Dr. Cale began studying and practicing Neurofeedback, which is now integrated into his practice as a primary focus.

For the past twenty years, Dr. Cale has spoken with thousands of individuals through presentations and workshops. In the last few years, he has begun to integrate Neurofeedback information into his workshops and training.

In addition, Dr. Cale consults with teachers, businesses and school systems to develop effective ways to teach adults and children new and more effective habits. In addition, he has worked with individuals and families through his private practice, and through his online coaching services. He has a unique ability to explain complex information in simple, yet powerful ways that will naturally enhance your influence as a parent.

A much sought-after public speaker and author, Dr. Cale has written numerous articles, books and audio/video products on personal growth, individual development and parenting. He has contributed to national publications on parenting and childcare and has presented his materials to thousands of parents and professionals. He has been a guest on local and national TV news, and has had articles published in magazines, newspapers and across the Internet.

In addition, Dr. Cale works directly with parents throughout the country via telephone and teleconferencing in his coaching practice. If you would like to reach Dr. Cale, you can contact him at (518) 606-3805 or send Dr. Cale a quick note or question by clicking here.