One Strategy To Change the Quality of Your Life

I must admit that my to-do list inevitably grows more extensive than the hours of my day. I see that a meaningful, active life perhaps pulls for that. I also see others who share incomplete lists at the end of the day. In a busy world, this is quite common. Stressed...

Neurofeedback and Anxiety

Neurofeedback training and its effects on anxiety. Some studies have shown the efficacy of neurofeedback in treating anxiety resulting in decreased anxiety. Medication prescribed for anxiety treats symptoms but does not treat the source of the problem in the brain…

New Videos: Will Neurofeedback Work For My Anxiety?

I'm often asked, will neurofeedback work for me? Now, if I knew the answer to that question 100% of the time, I'd get paid a lot more here in the Albany area. And you and I both know I can't answer that for certain. However, Neurofeedback works...

How To Feel Bad When Working Hard: Taking Things Personally

In this series of mistakes that fail your family, I am highlighting common strategies that undermine your children's success and happiness. We have covered several behavioral strategies recently, but today's discussion focuses on a critical mental mistake: Taking...

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