With Neurofeedback

you/your child can make changes to your life…that have not been
conceivable before this technology evolved.

Now, with EEG Neurofeedback It’s Possible to:

  • Retrain symptoms of ADHD/ADD
  • Resolve the causes of lifelong depression
  • Eliminate anxiety, worry, phobias & OCD
  • Abandon the psychological weight of trauma/abuse
  • Get relief from migraines and insomnia
  • Change the life trajectory for autism/spectrum disorders
  • Discover stillness, ease & calm from a well-functioning mind
  • Gain more control over disturbing thoughts or memories
  • Eliminate fatigue, brain fog, and bad habits

Yes, it seems like a lot! But these assertions are well-founded in a growing literature base filled with clinical experience that often exceeds any standard set of expectations about what is possible. 

And because you are re-programming the brain to work better and more efficiently, the changes last. Study after study shows long-term, enduring positive results from EEG training that often keep improving and get better over time, rather than decline. This can only be happening because EEG Neurofeedback is training the brain to be more effective in getting what we humans want (i.e., relief from our struggles and more ease/calm/happiness in our lives). Once a brain is trained in this way, it often keeps learning and improving (although not always, of course).

Is this just for adults? No! This training works with children and teens alike. Learn more about this state-of-the-art technology now available to you and your family, by exploring our website and informational videos we have posted. Or call our offices, at 518-383-0600.

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adhd conditions treated neurofeedback capital district new york with dr cale


Attention Deficit
Disorder is actually an
aggregate of
symptoms that occur
as a result of genetic
effects and trauma...

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anxiety conditions treated neurofeedback capital district new york with dr cale


Individuals with
anxiety have a
chronically hyperarousel central nervous system. Neurofeedback can help. 

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depression conditions treated neurofeedback capital district new york with dr cale


What psychologists
refer to as depression
is seen more as an
end stage of anxiety by many neurofeedback therapists. .

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stroke traumatic brain injury conditions treated neurofeedback capital district new york dr cale

Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI)

Traumatic Brain Injury
can cause a variety of
symptoms, many of which can be treated effectively with neurofeedback therapy.

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