Sleep and Neurofeedback

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Hi there, are you somewhat tired of hearing these frequent answers on how to get better sleep?

I understand. If you’ve been struggling with sleep for a while. There is no easy answer and you probably know that. Everything you tried may work for a while give you some relief but nothing seems to make a real change. There is a reason for that. Your brain is actually in a different state that is a normal state. We know that to be true.

Here at Capital District Neurofeedback, we are able to do a quantitative EEG of everybody’s brain who comes in that QEEG we call it give us a map of the brain and we know for folks who chronically struggling with sleep. They’re predictable patterns that starts to show up and these patterns calls also to the operations of the brain waves.

There is a need to move that brain back to its normal state so that you can then sleep comfortably, easy on a consistent basis. Here’s what happen, when we are not sleeping well, all the toxic build up from the day, cells that are using neuro-transmitters to fire and then relax, fire and relax.

The by product of all that is a waste product and the brain rids itself of waste during sleep. So, if the garbage truck don’t carry out the garbage day after day sometimes month after month, year after year. And then that waste creates information on the brain and this creates a whole cascading set of problems which means that all those simple solutions are not going to work.

Hi there, I’m Dr. Randy Cale, I’m a licensed psychologist and the owner here at Capital District Neurofeedback. I want to offer a promise however if you to sleep better and get all the benefits that come with better sleep: improved mood, decreased anxiety, better relationships, not as reactive, better focus, and everything get better with better sleep. And neurofeedback is one of the tools that offers some promise for actually changing and structure the brain of what’s going on in the brain so you begin to sleep better.

Study after study shows that sleep tends to be improve with neurofeedback training. So, while the complexity of that process takes some time to explain I’m not gonna do that in this video. I’d be happy to talk with you in details if you have more questions. My phone number is (518) 606-3805 and my assistant Jennifer she will setup a time for us to chat. Please give us a call I’d be happy to speak with you answering questions and get the things rolling so that you can begin sleep better. I do look forward speaking with you. Take care now.

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