Neurofeedback Head Chart


There are two systems used in neurofeedback: the 10-20 system and the 10-10 system. Information on both systems is below.

10-20 SYSTEM:

This is the original method and is still widely used today. This standardized system places electrodes on sites in relation to landmarks in the front and back of the head and the back of the ears. Sites are determined by measuring them 10-20% from landmarks, hence the name: 10-20 System.

The 10-20 system offers measurement consistency and usually focuses on these sites: F3, FZ, F4, C3, CZ, C4, and PZ.

10-10 SYSTEM:

The 10-10 system is uses sites in between the sites listed in the 10-20 system. This system allows the clinician to target more specific areas during training.

Clinicians may not start out using this head chart since it does require a basic understanding of the 10-20 system. As the clinician gains experience and training, they may add this system to their process in order to delve deeper into specialized areas.