NYS Employee with the EMPIRE PLAN (Carelon Behavioral Health)

Great News! For New York State employees with the Empire plan, utilizing mental health coverage through Carelon Behavioral Health, we have great news for you and your family. This particular plan provides excellent coverage for an extensive and thorough Neurofeedback treatment for most mental health conditions using neurofeedback technology.

Whether you are seeking treatment for yourself or your children or perhaps a spouse, the Empire plan provides extraordinary coverage with minimal investment on your part. We also have an aid program specifically for families seeking neurofeedback treatment to assist with copayments. Please call our offices and speak with Jennifer regarding questions about coverage.

For more information about how neurofeedback works and how this technology may help reduce significant psychological symptoms, set up a free phone call with Dr. Randy Cale to learn more. Just come ready to ask any questions that interest you. Neurofeedback has proven efficacy with ADD/ADHD, anxiety, depression, sleep disorders, trauma-related challenges, cognitive and memory loss, headaches, traumatic brain injuries, and more.