Alpha-Theta Training


So here we go. You are about to embark on one of the most interesting, rewarding, and well-researched approaches to brain training. The Alpha-Theta training model has proven helpful with sleep, mood, memory, anxiety reduction, and trauma resolution. It has also proved very helpful to other specific issues. In general, an improved sense of well-being is attained, often in highly measurable ways.

This does take some time, so please be patient. Anywhere from 10 to 20 sessions may be needed for the brain to embrace the training model fully. After that, additional training sessions are highly useful and recommended, depending on your response and how positive the results.

In this training, the software will attempt to suspend your consciousness in the ‘twilight’ state. This is the state between wakefulness and deeper sleep. Here is where Alpha and Theta crossover once or twice in the normal sleep cycle. With alpha-theta training, we are allowing that twilight state to be suspended in time, and the therapeutic benefits flow from that. That’s our goal!

So, I’ve attached a recording to listen to before each session. Please download it onto your computer.

Finally, you can train at any time of the day. However, it is preferred if you can train in the evening, after dinner. Some clients set up the training right before bedtime, but others find that too disruptive of sleep patterns. The default time for each training session is an hour, but certainly, you do not need to train for that long if that is a struggle.

Daily Steps:

  • 1. Please connect the Neurofeedback leads and have the software ready to go. I strongly suggest using headphones throughout and an eye mask to keep your inner word free of light.
  • 2. Then, write down, very briefly, a forward-focused intention for each session. Have it be emotionally and personally compelling.
  • 3. Next, please listen to this recording before the training (and again, you are already connected to the NFB equipment and ready to go).
  • 4. as you hear more and more silence in the recording (approximately at the 16-18 minute mark), you can hit start on the Neurofeedback training and proceed into the actual Alpha Theta training.
  • 5. Allow yourself to drift into sleep. The software will do the rest.
  • 6. At the end, note any immediate insights or compelling thoughts/images in your journal. Do this quickly, as they made fade from memory rapidly.

Best of luck!

Finally, here is the link for downloading the recording: Alpha-Theta Training

Or you can play the audio directly from here by clicking on the play button below:

Take care, and we will be in touch.