The Tantrum Fixer Approach to End Tantrums/Meltdowns

Temper tantrums are a topic of perennial relevance, except more now than ever. Why? Because Covid has pushed the limits of many homes, with children and teens learning to ‘rule the roost’ through demand and tantrums. To avoid living with meltdown after meltdown, many...

Most Thoughts Are Not Worth Another Thought?

My goal today is to offer two criteria for adding clarity about whether a thought/opinion is worth another one of your thoughts.

Proven Answers To Anxiety…Even in the Times of COVID-19

As many have acknowledged already, anxiety is on the rise because COVID has affected most of our lives in significant ways. At this moment, both active cases and death rates have escalated. This fact alone serves to escalate our fears and anxiety…

Life is Accumulating: The Pain of Discipline or The Pain of Regret

“Regret Weighs Tons.  Discipline Weighs Ounces.” With this, an unavoidable momentum begins to build because life accumulates.  The results of choices and actions inevitably add up.

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