Get a Headstart on the Day: Make Mornings Easy.

For some, mornings are the worst part of the day.  The constant conflict, the nagging and prodding, and the escalating emotions often result in an angry and frustrated goodbye between parents and children. The conflicted start to the day is not healthy for parents or...

Teaching Through The Integrity of Your Example

In recent years, neuroscientists have identified specific neurons in the brain that have been labeled as 'mirror neurons.' These mirror neurons fire when observing behavior, similar to what occurs when doing the behavior. In other words, learning happens by...

What We Are Focusing On Needs Attention!

Most of us go through our daily lives not recognizing the power of focus. If we're listening to the news, and something catches us, we focus on it. If we're standing in line and there's a grumpy patron in front of us, we tend to focus on them. If traffic is bad going...

Flourishing In 2021

Numerous studies point to various commitments we could make to lighten the load of anxiety, depression, and stress. More importantly, adherence to higher values has proven to bring about more happiness, greater optimism, and more fulfillment in life…

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Mistaken Conclusions About COVID, Your Child And How to Turn This Around

Mistaken Conclusions About COVID, Your Child And How to Turn This Around

The topic on everyone’s mind is COVID and the impact that this is having on our lives. For many, these times provide challenges on many levels. For our children, many obvious factors are impacting their lives. However, I often hear parents attributing specific changes in their children’s lives to COVID, and in a sense, this is true. But, in another sense, it may not be accurate…

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