Thanksgiving: The Expression of Gratitude

Imagine my delight when reminded of the definition of 'Thanksgiving.' It's more than just a holiday; it means the 'expression of gratitude.' Such a simple definition may seem unremarkable initially, but I invite you to dig into this with me. Why Gratitude is Important...

Less Stress: Why You Need the Simple Summer Plan!

The end of this school year is upon us, and the pleasures of summer await. Yet, summer fun is often thwarted by constant decision-making, kid complaints, power struggles, tantrums, and battles. Such challenges often turn potential pleasure into sources of stress for...

Life is Accumulating: The Pain of Discipline or The Pain of Regret

“Regret Weighs Tons.  Discipline Weighs Ounces.” With this, an unavoidable momentum begins to build because life accumulates.  The results of choices and actions inevitably add up.

Part II: Ending War Inside and Out

In my article, 'The Mind Makes War and We Suffer', I discussed how we do war in our heads.  And unfortunately, when we make 'war' with ourselves, we get frustrated, depressed, feel guilty, and ashamed.  We can also have battles that create anxiety, fear, and...

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Why Neurofeedback for Anxiety?

Why Neurofeedback for Anxiety?

Proven Answers To Anxiety... Even in a COVID-19 World As many have acknowledged already, anxiety is on the rise because COVID has affected most of our lives in significant ways. At this moment, both active cases and death rates have escalated. This fact alone serves...

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