Twas the night before Christmas, and all through the house
Barely a creature was stirring, not even a mouse.
Mom and Dad sat on the sofa with relative ease
As all the presents were finally under the tree.
Both checking their phones to see if they missed
Any surprises mentioned on Santa’s big list.
The tree overflowing showing abundance everywhere
with credit maxed out to ensure all the ‘extras’ were there!
When finally convinced, nothing else to be done
Each sighed sarcastically, ‘Oh, wasn’t this fun!’
‘What’s Christmas about… Is it just seeking relief?
It seems we must have some kind of faulty belief?
What are we missing with all this fatigue and stress,
Just waiting for New Years to get some real rest?
Pondering this, they couldn’t help shedding a tear
Silently wishing more magic were here.
Hiding perhaps the deepest of fears:
What if all this stuff
Is nothing but fluff?
Both contemplated their choices, starring into the night
Seeking respite from this moment of fright.
Then mom turned to dad, in a flash of delight
‘What if, right NOW, we forever changed this night?
From more presents, to more PRESENCE…
And giving Love to all in our sight!
“What do you mean?’ asked Dad with great doubt
‘You sound like a bad movie,’ as he snarled with a pout.

Mom wasn’t dismayed by his Ba Humbug exterior,
She knew his heart to be soft on the interior.
She continued to explain this moment of insight
As warm feelings kept growing to greater heights.
What if for Christmas we changed our direction
And gave more of ourselves and our affection?
We hurry and scurry to fill this day full
Leaving ourselves pondering, ‘Is it all bull?’
So what I propose is a Magical Intention
From this day forward, we Master our Attention!
Rather than letting the world show us it’s worst,
Let’s get ahead of it, and focus first
On the beauty, the blessing and Love in our hearts
Making these core values how we lead with our lives
Never again willing to find our joy in compromise.
Love and Beauty can always be seen
If our Intention stays strong and keen.
Our Power seems hidden, yet it’s naught
If we just realize, we need NOT get caught!
In the negative energy and complaints that abound
We can choose to remember what this sweet moment I have found.
My heart is filled with the possibilities that await
Of all those I can Love, despite all on my plate.
My focus is getting clear, with the morning so near
Never again will I buy gifts out of fear
For our children are not lacking more gadgets that chatter
They’re missing their parents being PRESENT with what matters.
Let’s live with Love and Kindness as our purpose & reason
Rather than mere talk about the meaning of this season.

Let’s be the JOY that to our home we do give
So, they learn from their parents just how to live.
Nothing else matters when it comes to the end
It’s a gift upon which they can always depend.’
We can master this Intention to Love all is our sights
And abandon our judgements and need to be right.
We can practice showing them the process of living
And focus our true hearts on the power of giving.
We haven’t been wrong, we just missed the important part
Of enjoying the ride and opening our hearts.
And certainly, we keep giving the goodies and gifts,
We just abandon the fears and worries of lists.
We can live this way, of this I am sure
Because ultimately, our intentions are now pure.
From this point on, I strongly declare
My Merry Christmas will come with a silent dare.
Silent of course, as I will not share
The depth of my personal commitment to truly care!
And Our children WILL notice, and we will feel good
As we live Christmas more like we should.
Merry Christmas My Love, Mom whispered with a smile,
Let’s just sit here & hold hands for a while.
Yet soon they both slept the night away…
Sweetly dreaming, like children, of Christmas Day.
Merry Christmas!