The Outside Game Part II: Discipline

We all understand the role of discipline in creating a successful journey through life. Yet, many parents struggle with teaching discipline to their kids. In part two of this series, I will discuss the role of parental discipline in forming the glue that binds the...

Anxiety in the Times of COVID-19

As many have acknowledged already, anxiety is on the rise because COVID has affected most of our lives in significant ways.  At this moment, both active cases and death rates have escalated.  This fact alone serves to escalate our fears and anxiety.   Prior to...

Which Game Do We Focus On?

When speaking to parents with challenging children, there is often an urgency to address the specifics of what to do when a problem behavior shows up. In other words, the understandable desire is to fix the problem right now. After all, you want an answer when your...

“Let Me Fix That Sweetheart…” Common Strategies That Fail Your Family

Earlier in the week, our practice worked with a family where we conducted a brain map (QEEG) for their daughter, who is on the spectrum. During the session, Dad repeatedly offered help and guidance to their teenager. This exchange offered many reminders for me to...

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Mistaken Conclusions About COVID, Your Child And How to Turn This Around

Mistaken Conclusions About COVID, Your Child And How to Turn This Around

The topic on everyone’s mind is COVID and the impact that this is having on our lives. For many, these times provide challenges on many levels. For our children, many obvious factors are impacting their lives. However, I often hear parents attributing specific changes in their children’s lives to COVID, and in a sense, this is true. But, in another sense, it may not be accurate…

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